Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Might get a title if I get round to it!

If procrastination were a sporting event I would be in the olympics this year defending my gold! That's if I got round to taking part in a qualifying event! You see! Queen of procrastination!

Or maybe it's not just procrastination (cue copious amounts of excuse making) maybe it's prioritising, you see I mean to get round to so much, I make plans, I make lists and things never quite work out the way I want them to, something else gets in the way! Or does it? Do I just make excuses to excuse the fact that I don't get everything done when I want to? Erm, makes you think doesn't it, or should I say makes me think! I'm sure you're just thinking "when will she stop procrastinating and get to the point?" we'll this is the point I procrastinate! And I thought I'd have a little ramble on, try and make sense of it as it were.

Take this blog for example I set out to write something every day then I either second guess myself and thing no one would be interested in reading that or I never quite get round to it! Are you noticing a theme here?

My assignments for college, last minute, it's like I live for the adrenalin of that last minute rush! Err, Not! The reality is I've procrastinated, done other things,left it until the last minute and then have to rush like a mad thing to get it completed!

I need help! Is there a procrastinators anonymous or has no one got round to setting one up yet?

Do you think there is hope for me? People, tell me how do you manage to get everything done? Is it really about setting priorities and letting some things go?

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