Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The Wide World without the Web

It's been a strange few days at my house, our broadband connection or possibly our router stopped working we still haven't had a straight answer from Sky, who by the way have absolutely crap customer service! Virgin Media please feel free to vie for my affection! Anyway for 5 days we have been without Internet at home and you would not believe the impact it has had on my children, even the 3 year old who couldn't believe that she couldn't get on the cbeebies website!

 For 5 days it's been ...

 "I'm going to die without the internet!!"

 My response .. " Well no actually you're not going to die without Internet, if I take away food and water you might but not from lack of Facebook or Twitter!"

 And .....

"Oh my god! I just realised I can't even email!"

 My response to this.......

 "No, but oh, I don't know, How about you do something really out there like say talking to someone face to face or pick up the phone and have a real life conversation or and here's the REALLY out there thing if they don't live near by you could pick up one of those things that makes marks on paper, you know the ones, No, not the printer! A pen and write an actual letter!"

 And yes surprisingly I have been told I'm sarcastic before!

 Anyway they looked at me like I was a mad woman! Ok maybe they're not wrong but in the whole Internet thing they are!

 I admit it has been an inconvenience for me too, I do a lot online I'll be the first to admit that but that being said I have got a lot more done without the Internet to distract me!

 But I have missed Twitter and words with friends, ooh and draw something and my emails and of course my blog and all the blogs I read and now have to catch up with..... OK I admit it, I'm as much a slave to the World Wide Web as the next person(unless the next person is my mum she hates computers!) but I've managed!

 How about you, could you manage without the Internet?

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