Saturday, 28 April 2012

April showers

We are in a drought! We are being told we can't use our hosepipes, to be careful and considerate with the water we use!

Well if this is a drought I'd hate to see what it's like when it's rainy! I better start building my Ark now!

Ok, I know it's not just about how much it rains, I know it's about collection and storage etc, etc, blah, blah but seriously I can't remember the last dry day and its supposed to carry on for the next week!

my lawn is so water logged I might start growing rice and I've had to empty my water butt 5 times into various large containers because it keeps overflowing!

It's wet, miserable and quite frankly I've had enough!

I want some Sun! Seriously if we're in a drought let it at least feel like a drought!

How about you, If you hear one more person say "nice weather for ducks" or "at least it's good for the garden" will you too scream at them that you're not a duck and your garden is no longer so much a garden as aspiring to be a swimming pool? Or do you actually like and appreciate the weather we're having? Are you perhaps out there "singing in the rain" Gene Kelly style?

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