Wednesday, 11 January 2012

And it's off!

I have my hand back at last! Not that I left it anywhere or anything like that (well you never know what you might be thinking) No, after 6 long weeks I finally have my cast off!

Now I'm not naive enough to think that it would be 100% back to normal but what I wasn't expecting was pain, lack of movement and shed loads of dry flaky skin! I knew there would be some but my hand and arm is ridiculous!

Before I left for the hospital I was excited at the prospect of being able to do things again even cleaning! I know who gets excited about cleaning? Believe me 6 weeks of having only teenagers to help out around the house and you'd be exciting about cleaning! I tried to let it go, appreciate the help I was getting etc etc especially with a 3 year old with the energy of 10 and them having to burden the brunt of her play requests! Often strenuous, always energetic but after 6 weeks of them being in charge the house looks worse than student digs!

So my visions of being able to clean and tidy, to knit and sew are all on the back burner until I've healed some more and had some rounds of physio and I have to wear a really attractive splint for 6 weeks as well but at least I'm getting there and I can have a bath without having to put my arm in a what is essentially a plastic bag!

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