Friday, 20 January 2012

I did it playing football, honest!

My previous post reminded me of all the little accidents my son had while out playing mostly down to him not thinking things through, remember the chilli incident well it's the same son! says it all really.

I lost track of the times he came in limping claiming to have hurt his foot/ankle/leg while kicking a football and I'm sure on some occasions this was the case but thinking about them out playing reminded me of one particular incident where he claimed to have twisted his ankle playing football!

My father-in-law is a minister and one Sunday after church we had gone into the house to catch up,have something to eat etc and quite often the children would play for a while out in the church courtyard, the living room was on the first floor and the house had a ground floor extension to one side of the back door and a large shed to the other( trying to paint a picture here for you!) anyway we were all sat there in the living room, drinking tea, chatting and all of a sudden we all stop, "did you all just see that?" I ask in hope I was wrong, maybe my vision is failing, perhaps someone spiked my tea, well you never know! "yes we saw that" was the reply from all! What they had seen was my then 9 year old son leaping across from one building to another I kid you not we're othe first floor and I see my small child pass by the window! After the shock subsided I went to run down down to find him, scold him, hoping he's ok etc and before I could make it out the door in he walks 'limping!' "what have you done?" I ask waiting to see if he will tell me, "I twisted my ankle when I kicked the football" he says rather too sheepishly "really?" I say "So it has nothing to do with the fact that you just leapt across from the kitchen to the shed?" his face changes "how did you know?" "see that big rectangle thing up there, it's a window and you can see through them!" "oops" was all he had to say with a silly grin on his face!

We often caught him jumping off walls, one time a small building but unless he saw us he would still try and tell us "I did it playing football!"

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