Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Summer Holidays

So the summer helidays holidays are once again upon us and so far I've had a barrage of I'm bored from teenagers

My responses "clean your room, it would be nice to know you had a floor" apparently that's not entertainment! "Ok, how about you entertain yourself then?" apparently this is not actually possible and the parent is supposed to entertain at all times! I did offer to dance or juggle perhaps but was told that I was just being silly now!

Seriously I can't win!

The other problem I have is because I have a broad age range to appeal to and appease it's difficult to come up with a one activity/day out fits all so, so far there has been a lot of swimming and sending teens off to friends so they can be bored at someone else's house, cinema, always a winner and of course when they've whined enough or done enough to earn some money, shopping! The teenage girls favourite but it would be nice to find something that we can all do together that everyone would enjoy, is there such a place? If so then I need to know about it! Oh and it mustn't cost a fortune, in fact preferably it must be free!

So what do you do with your brood?

Can you please everyone?

So if you'll excuse me until you all bombard me with ideas, PLEASE BOMBARD ME! I'm off to don my jesters hat before I hear "Muuummmm!!!!!" again

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