Wednesday, 3 August 2011

The incredible bearded lady!

I woke up this morning to find one solitary long black hair growing out of my chin! MY CHIN! Seriously is it not bad enough that I'm turning forty this month, do I have to turn into the incredible bearded lady as well! I suppose at least it would keep the children entertained if you read my previous post you'll understand! They could charge admission to see me it would solve the whole spending money issue too!

Why aren't we told these things as young women, why aren't we warned that unless we take care of our bodies we will develop bingo wings, crepey skin, stretch marks, saggy boobs seriously forget telling kids not to eat crap because of obesity play on their vanity just show them a picture or me and and that'll scare them in to healthy eating and exercise!

I can't help but wonder if no one tells you about these things as a kind of revenge for losing their young agile facial hair free bodies, I can picture my mother now smiling to herself as she watched me smiling and laughing, happily getting ready to go out thinking " ha you're all smiles now with your toned legs, boobs on your chest and hair free face but just wait 25 years from now when your boobs hang like pendulums, have stretch marks that look like a road map and a full circus beard, we'll see who's smiling then!"

Ok, I'm sure that's my mind doing that thing it does but seriously why aren't we warned? perhaps all of you were? perhaps it was just me who was kept in the dark about all these lovely side affects of ageing, you tell me? Were you warned? And do you tell your daughters about the possible perils of ageing?

Please let me know!

Well I'm off now to shave and buy my daughters waxing vouchers for when they turn 40!

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