Thursday, 25 August 2011

The joy that is the School holidays!

I have just noticed what a poor month I've had blogging wise, just 9 posts well 10 now and the only difference this month is school holidays! I never quite realised how much time is taken up by the children I know that sounds a bit weird parenting is a full time job after all but what I mean is when they're at school you manage your time better or at least I manage my time better, how presumptious of me to assume it's the same for you, please tell me it is the same for you? Please? I would hate to think that I'm the only one who struggles with time and routine during the holidays!

The thing is apart from the little one the others are teenagers they should be entertaining themselves surely?

It just seems all routine goes out the window and twice as much work for me happens, something not right there, I may go on strike, mums have rights too! I may make a placard and a picket line across the kitchen door chanting, "what do we want? A clean house! When do we want it? Now!" that would get their attention or perhaps just sit and watch the washing up pile up no one seems to have figured out how to load and unload the dishwasher I think they still believe in the cleaning fairy!

But it's not just the added cleaning and shopping because you're constantly running out of bread, milk and cereal (or is that just my house?) its that they all hog the computer, laptop, iPads etc etc when they're indoors and as we haven't had the best summer we've been indoors a lot! So finding a time slot for me to do anything has been difficult to say the least!

Still back to school soon then I'll be moaning about the early mornings and getting them out of the house on time, oh the joys!

Well, I'm off now to make a placard and perhaps a banner if I can just find the time and a marker!

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