Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Oh London my home

I started writing this post yesterday and so far I have changed my mind, re-written, scrapped completely, felt like I was exploited a situation to my advantage f you know what I mean? and now I feel able to try and start again.

My initial thoughts were obviously about the riots, the impact on our communities, the mindless violence the excuses offered, then I thought I would write from my perspective, what I saw, I live in Peckham about 2 minutes walk from the front line of the violence and looting, I felt scared, I felt threatened and I couldn't comprehend why these people would do this especially on their own doorsteps.

Then I thought about the reasons, the initial trouble started in response to the death of a young man, It started as a protest, people wanting answers, It escalated and people took advantage of a situation and used it to benefit themselves and get 'Free Stuff'.

Then violence and mindless destruction started all over London, then other cities followed it wasn't for a cause it was about greed! they saw people get away with it and they thought I want some of that!

I'm not saying that all involved were merely out for what they could get, I'm sure some felt that this was a way of getting back, a way of venting mass frustration but on the whole it was GREED and a total lack of humanity, I wondered about pack mentality as opposed to the individual actions but that's not what I decided to write about it this is........

Messages of love and support for Peckham

They may have destroyed our shops and left our communities confused but people care, I walked through Peckham today and the shops that were still boarded up damaged beyond believe had signs on the boards saying 'Business as usual' they had opened regardless in what must be a climate of fear for themselves and their shops, their livelihoods and I felt pride , I felt really emotional after all this devastation Peckham stood up and said you can't shut us down!

Peckham was quiet, people still nervous I'm sure but it was open! all except those shops that sustained serious damage.

And for what I think is the first time I felt truly proud of the area that I live.

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