Thursday, 2 February 2012


I was reading an article the other day which was something along the lines of 'what did you take for granted before you had children?' now my initial response was "I've been a parent so long I can't remember!" then it was "sleep!" but the more I think about it the more I realise that the real answer is TIME! The thing is when you're a parent, particularly if you are the main carer even the time that you're not with your children you're probably doing something for your children or you're thinking/worrying about your children!

Let's face it unless you're one of those rich lucky parents that has a nanny, a mothers help, a cleaner you're probably on the go all day, if you're a working parent all day you're busy at work probably still thinking about your kids, probably planning your time so you can get some time with them as well as getting the house work done, cooking a meal and all the other mundane things that have to be done.

If you're a stay at home parent chances are you have a small child then that's even more of your time yesterday alone I had to be a pirate digging for treasure, a patient in a hospital, someone sleeping so the tooth fairy could visit, oh and a bluebird! Plus all the other things outlined above!

So me time is a thing of the past because let's face it seriously even when you are having this supposed "ME TIME" how much of that time do your thoughts go back to the kids or thinking I must make that dentist appointment, therefore totally taking away from your "ME TIME"!

My only "ME TIME" is sleeping! Oh wait didn't we cover that in the first paragraph!

Do you agree? Or do you actually manage some elusive time for yourself?

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