Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Remember as far as anyone knows we are a nice normal family!

You know the way because it your life, your normality that you assume it's perfectly normal to everyone else until something or someone else reminds you it's not, well I thought I'd share with you a few snippets from my week so you can tell me if we're 'normal'(God I hate that word!)or not!

On Sunday we had snow, we don't get snow very often so I feel it is something to enjoy, to share! Apparently teenagers don't feel this way and didn't want to join us in the snow so after building a snowman with the 3 year old I thought if they won't come to the snow I will take the snow to them!

See what a caring, thoughtful mother I am! So the 3 year old and I gathered snowballs and set off into the house first on the hit list was the 19 year old who's response was "No mum! Are you mad? (I took that as rhetorical) and "aargh that's cold!" err yes of course it is it's snow!

The 17 year old laughed she is a lot like me, scarily like me some would say!

Then finally the 15 year old who was in her bedroom, the 3 year old and I managed to get in her room and throw the snowballs before she knew what was happening we were like ninjas! Her response "Why can't I be part of a nice normal family!"

I still think it was a good idea!

My children utter lines like "it's going to snow I can feel it in my armpits" the 17 year old

"I'm exasparated and doomed" the 3 year old! Through much laughter I ask "why honey?" her response "because I'm tired and I have so much to do!" She's 3!

"Mum I need to sing AT you" is a common one from the 15 year old she's a budding singer and puts her videos on you tube so perhaps not that odd but why never 'to me'

"Can you measure my face" the 19 year old

For some reason I have pictures of my nephew and a good friend balancing spoons on their noses and more bizarrely their ears on 2 separate and random occasions! Do I bring this out in people?

I once hid all the clean crockery and cutlery in an attempt to get the teenagers to wash up when I went out for the day! Normal right?

And just now as I type this the 3 year is looking through my wedding album complaining that she's not in the wedding photos even after all my explaining that she wan't born, she's not happy and has asked for the camera so she can make wedding photos of her own!

And now as I type this the 17 year old is running round shouting "I'm a duck!" whilst being chased by the 3 year old!

Someone save me now!

So in conclusion are we a nice normal family?

What's your family like? I need something to compare to or will that just make me cry!


  1. The doctor is IN.

    Certainly you are a nice person, Emma. And your children seem nice even though perhaps a bit eccentric. And all of you most certainly constitute a family. So far, so good. But normal?


  2. I am still Laughing from your response! Thank you Robert, I thought so but it's always good to have it confirmed and anyway I've always thought normality was extremely over-rated! x


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