Friday, 3 February 2012

Who's a Fat Cat then! Warning no actual cats are included in this blogpost!

Now I'm not usually a political creature(I'm picturing a demon type creature, slyly smiling while it utters the lines "we're all in this together!" Brain stop it!) but if I hear one more politician blame the unemployed, the benefit fraudsters etc etc for the financial state of this country I swear I will reach in the TV/radio and grab him or her by their *insert word of your choice here* and shove it up their *insert word of your choice here* I'm a little perturbed by this, can you tell?

Don't get me wrong I know that the benefits bill for this country is in excess of £4 billion and I know that there are benefit cheats but let me put something in perspective for you, the cost to this country in tax evasion/avoidance by those that have money, have jobs is £69.9 billion a year!

Really has the divide between the haves and the have nots ever been greater?

Now I'm not naive enough to think that there aren't those who work the system but there are also those that are full time carers of disabled children, single parents who found themselves single through no choice of their own and choose to raise their children themselves rather than pay someone else to do it, there are those that have been made redundant later in life and now find it difficult to find employment and the longer you are unemployed the harder it is to find a job and the list goes on and on but all benefit claimants seem to be tarred with same brush, and I'm not advocating life on benefits or making excuses for those who are I just think its time the government looked at where the real financial issues are, it's very easy to blame those that are at the bottom end of the chain and it's seems a lot harder for them to look sideways or upwards if you know what I mean?

Then and I'm no economist but if you're taking money away from those with very little and there aren't the jobs out there, then people are going to spend less therefore putting less into the economy!

I mean let's face it, it's not the rich that are affected so their spending will never change its those who have to count the pounds to make ends meet that spend less and effect the economy.

Little Rant over and out of my system!

Let me know what you think


  1. I agree. What country are you in again? Here in my country (the U. S. of A.), our president has divided us into "the 99%" and "the 1%" and everything is obviously the 1%'s fault. Our 1% are "the millionaires and billionaires" but our radio-talk-show hosts tell us that if the government confiscated 100% of the incomes of the top 1%, it would run our government for some paltry and ridiculous amount of time like 4 days or 18 days or something. So higher taxes doesn't seem to be the answer.

    Lower government spending is the answer.

    1. Couldn't agree more Robert although here in the UK we have the opposite problem where all is blamed on the already poor our government spending is a farce, ridiculous amounts of money are spend on foreign aid and bail out packages while our schools, hospitals and armed forces are left in a terrible state.

      It seems that no matter where you are in the world the person who is supposed to be taking care of the country hasn't got a real clue what it's like for the real people. That or they completely lack common sense!


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