Monday, 24 December 2012

My Christmas Message!

As you know in the UK it is traditional for the Queen to give her annual Christmas message to her people often addressing the years events etc and this year it will also be available to watch in 3D! (I kid you not!) though what exactly she will be doing to make this 3D vision more watch-able is anybody's guess! throwing snowballs at the screen perhaps, or just waving arms emphatically! who knows but in my Christmas message (not in 3D) I would just like to share my thoughts.

We are in general a consumer driven society often forgetting what is really important and not being grateful for what we have. I for one this year feel blessed I have had 2 quite scary health scares but I am ok, I have a roof over my head, food in my belly and family and friends to share the season with.

This year my presents may be small and I may not be giving as much as usual but my love and compassion for others is big and my home will hopefully be filled with laughter so for me that is the best present I could wish for!

So I'm going to leave you know with the poem that I and probably many of you that are reading this read their children every year The famous poem by Clement C Moore

Sample Poem Text and Graphics, Click to see more detail.

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