Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Fun in the sun!

It was a beautiful weekend, so beautiful that we decided to head toward the coast and spend a beautiful day on the beach and it was beautiful apart from 2 things, losing a child that didn't belong to me, never a good idea I mean losing your own child is bad enough but losing someone else's! We found her quite quickly I should add! And I got sunburnt and not just a little bit, I am as red as a boiled lobster and it hurts!

Now I'm usually a careful person, I don't sunbathe, I slather on sunblock and I haven't burnt since I was a child (sun protection in the late seventies early eighties was not what it is today or should I say utter bloody ignorance to the damage the sun can cause was the norm or the norm in my house!) anyway we spent a lovely day on the beach, ate some lovely fish and chips, they always taste better out of paper at the seaside don't you think? Looked for a lost child who wandered off from my daughters and got a bit disorientated as to which way was back to me! All in all a lovely day at the beach!

That is until we got in the car to come home at which point I realised my back was a bit sore and by time we got home my back was sore, my chest was sore, my arms and legs were sore and more bizarrely one foot was sore, truly I have no explanation for the one foot so don't ask!

I covered my self in after sun and still it hurts but it's getting better and I was given lots of tips to help ease the pain such as.... Bathe in milk, Erm, well not very practical, I don't own a cow and the amount of milk that I would need to cover my ample body would lets face it be rather expensive!

Cut tomatoes in half and smear them over your burnt bits!

Cover yourself in yogurt, that one doesn't sound too bad

But my personal favourite ... Lay on a newspaper to take the heat out! Well I suppose at least I'd have something to read while I lie there in agony too scared to move because it hurts so damn much!

So the moral of the story is even if you use factor 50 sunblock try and stay in the shade and cover up!

Next time I shall fashion myself some kind of head to toe outfit perhaps made from newspaper, tomato and yogurt! Well you've got to cover all the bases haven't you!


  1. Assuming from your profile photo that your hair color is natural, it's no wonder then that your skin is fair and you tend to sunburn easily.

    If you decide on the tomatoes cure, I am available to help.

    1. Hello Robert, how are you? Well I do believe you've added to my redness and made me blush!
      Its not my natural hair colour unfortunately although if I remember rightly my hair does have natural red tones to it! And I am very fair, thankfully most of the soreness has subsided as had the hot weather so for a while my skin is safe!

      So glad you stopped by and as usual put a smile on my face!


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