Friday, 4 March 2011

One of those days

Yesterday was one of those days you know the kind where everything just doesn't go quite right, that was my day, started out ok then I had this brainwave to dye my hair blonde, what was I thinking really why didn't someone try to stop me! My hair which was a reddy brown with blonde chunky streaks which actually looked nice soon became a hideous orange mess with blonde roots, so in my divine wisdom , I thought I know I'll just get another dye and re-do the orange bits, at this point someone should have really pointed out my insanity but no my family let me carry on perhaps trying to punish me in some way! so dye number 2 goes on and I just end up with a brighter orange and straw like hair, seriously! I took a pic was going to post it, but it was so scarily hideous it would make your eyes melt! seriously small children ran away screaming, well it was only one small child and she is mine and was in shock that her mother had this bizarre colour hair but still.
I then thought after all this my hair might start to protest and decide to leave my head so best leave it alone at least until tomorrow but the thing was I kept catching my reflection and scaring myself so at 11.00pm last night I made my final mistake of the day I sent a man, a shaved head bald man at that! to the 24 hour supermarket to buy me a hair dye with the instructions of any shade except black or mahogony, I thought that anything would be better than what I had and it would be nice to have someone else choose a shade, maybe It would be a colour that I'd never thought of and it would be so fantastic that It would be a new me and that it would be my new hot colour for life! I of course gave hints toward shades that I might choose but alas and alack I should have known better, perhaps blinded by the bright orange hue of my hair he thought that this was a colour scheme I wished to continue and he brought home COPPER really did he not think I'd been punished for my mistakes enough ( I apologise to all those with naturally copper hair I actually love natural copper but thats the thing its natural and nice but hair dye copper is well ,another shade of orange its orange with a hint of red) at this point though I could no longer live with the yellow roots and orange hair look it was just not working for me 20 years ago Maybe but now ... No. So at 11.45pm last night I went for it! anything had to be better, right? and in fairness it does look better then the mess that was my head and I shall have to walk round pretending that this was the look I was going for, at least until my hair forgives me a little and anyway like I said before about regrets at least I took my own advice about this and boy did I learn from it!

I was going to tell you about my disaster of a steak pie but I'm so traumatised from reliving the hair fiasco that that is a story for another time! x

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