Thursday, 10 March 2011

How my brain works or doesn't as the case may be!

So this is how my brain works, it can be a dark scary place be warned!

In my head if I think something is wrong then it will obviously be the worse case scenario for example headache equals brain tumour, pain in calf was quite obviously DVT, forgot something must be Alzheimer', weird bowel movements oh god I have bowel cancer and it goes on and on and god forbid my kids get ill my brain does horrific somersaults I'm sure you get the picture.

I think in my head I have decided that if I think the worse and the worse doesn't happen then it's a result. I am weird. Though you probably figured that out for yourself and the thing is I don't just do it for illness oh no I can apply it to anything, the school called worried about my daughters grades want me to come in for a chat , my brain goes I'm not encouraging her enough she'll never accomplish anything she will end up with no future no career hey she will become me aarrggh no make it stop make it stop! See I need help!

I try not to let my um shall we call them idiosyncrasies get out in public but notice the first part of that word is idio implying idiot but although I walk round with happy smiley face most of the time (alcohol,chocolate and cake help with that) I have been told that I am a glass is half empty person, well yes, yes it is I drank the other half!

Those positive all is right with the world, look on the bright side of life, if life gives you lemons make lemonade people quite frankly freak me out and I'm never quite sure if they're truly blessed or taking some really good drugs!

I would love to be a positive person but let's face it if live gives me lemons all I think is what am I going to do with all these bloody lemons! Or quite possibly on a good day when the sun is shining I might think lemon and poppy seed cake but I don't think that's quite the same thing is it?

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