Friday, 25 February 2011

My Mountain became a Molehill

I have a floor in my utility room! ok this might be stating the obvious I'm sure everyone has a floor otherwise how would you walk on it! but the the thing is I haven't seen mine for weeks thanks to the ever increasing mountain of washing but now I can reveal that thanks to hard work and much nagging on my part I have a floor and its dark oak, I also have about 3 loads of washing until I am laundry free! this may all sound very mundane and boring to those without children i.e. those of you who probably have a real life! but to me this is exciting and big and it makes me happy! and now after the complete unadulterated over use of exclamation marks I will stop talking about my laundry.

So this my third attempt at a blog page and I have realised how technologically challenged I am, I have also realised that my laptop may have a secret vendetta against me as it doesn't seem to do what I tell it do, It must be in league with my children! So anyway I'm trying to get the look of this thing right but between the constant cry of "MUM!" usually screamed at levels that only animals can hear, the limited time available to actually sit in front of the computer and my complete inability to understand what I'm doing this is proving a slow process , so if anyone except me is reading this , this your chance to give me some tips on my page , yes I'm really asking so please guys leave some comments.

And as if my magic there goes the Mum cry so I'll catch up later!


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  1. Well, I actually read it, so I'm leaving a comment because you did ask for one, but I'm afraid I have no tips about your blog page, which looks fine.


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