Wednesday, 23 February 2011

I'm wearing mens pants! we all have days like this.....Don't we?

I'm wearing men's pants, not in cute quirky sexy kind of way, no I'm wearing them in a I have no clean underwear except thongs kind of way! This really is my life and lets face it and be honest girls and guys if you like that style, (no judgement here) the thong is not the most comfortable item to wear and I feel should be resigned to the days when you're wearing something that you really don't want that knicker line or Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries etc when you know sex is as good as guaranteed anyway I digress the point is my life is such that my laundry pile, yes I did say pile is always growing no matter how much I wash they add to it. My 2 year old pointed at it and said "can I climb the mountain mummy" that to me says it all! I have now given strict instructions to all that if they go near the washing machine and its not on , fill it up and put it on, its kind of working the mountain is now more of a hill but I still don't have any clean knickers so I need to get on top of that immediately.

So this it would seem is my life not enough days in the week not enough hours in the day and trying to figure out how to get the most out of what I do have so for me one those ways is to come up with meals that don't take long to prepare, taste great and hopefully please all, which is no easy task with one vegetarian in the family. I often make a meat option and a veg option along the same theme but today I'm making a one meal fits all dish that tastes great is really quick and easy to do and looks impressive enough for a dinner party. What is this amazing dish I here you ask? well ok I can't technically hear you but you get the gist anyway here it is my recipe for The amazing spinach and feta pie served with my extra tasty herby potato bites, hope you try it and love it , I will update with a pic later providing it turns out as well as it normally does, It will of course go wrong now but sod it either way there will be a pic , you've been warned!

ok here goes with the first recipe of my blog

Spinach and Feta pie with herby potato bites

Pre heat the oven to 200-220 c (gas make 6-7, 400-425f) everyones oven is a bit different you will probably know whats best for you.

Herby Potato bites
Another nice time saver here no need to peel your potatoes


Potatoes (enough to serve you or your family)
Italian herb mix or any herbs of preference
olive oil
salt and pepper to season

Chop the amount of potatoes into about 2inch chunks, sprinkle herbs and seasoning over them along with a good glug of olive oil , use your hands to liberally coat all the potatoes pop them on a baking tray and there we go just pop them in the oven on the middle shelf well you get on with the pie.

Spinach and Feta pie


small knob of butter
1 onion
1 bag spinach I prefer baby spinach but totally up to you
200 grams feta cheese
1 pack of filo pastry( around 12 sheets )
1 small cup of melted butter for the pastry 
salt and pepper to season I also add a sprinkle of all purpose seasoning but it tastes good without 

In a large pan over a moderate to high heat melt butter.
chop onion and pop in the pan allow to cook stirring occasionally until onions are translucent add spinach and  seasonings give it a stir and put the lid on and turn off the heat , spinach wilts down quickly and by time you finish the pie case it will be ready.
I use a 9 inch spring form cake tin but trust me what ever you have will work as well. I use the cake tin to make it easy to turn out so I can show people how clever I am!
Grease the tin with some of the melted butter then put in one layer of filo just line the tin and let the pastry hang over the sides , butter the pastry and then add a another layer at a different angle , then butter and the same again now back to the filling.
the spinach should be ready now so all you need to to is crumble the feta into the mixture give it a stir and then pour it into the pastry case. now for the fun and effective top, take the remaining filo sheets and just scrunch each one up you can be as arty as you like , I just scrunch like paper balls and put it on top of the pie until its covered. brush with remaining melted butter pop it in the oven until a lovely golden brown and there we go!

hope that was easy to understand and I hope you enjoy it as much as me.x

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  1. Hope you like the added pic and the pie was delicious!


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