Monday, 20 January 2014

Wake up and smell the Coffee

I wish I could!

I have lost my sense of smell and the bizarre thing is I didn't notice for I don't know how long, My life was literally so busy that I hadn't realised that I could no longer smell!

I was at work, where I co facilitate a parenting programme and my colleague said to me "one of the parents is complaining about the smell of Mr ..... What shall we do about it?" and I thought ok, I was just standing next to him and I didn't smell anything bad.

So I thought about going up to and giving a good sniff but I though that might be a little weird and perhaps socially unacceptable so I tried to discretely smell him and nothing! Nada! not a thing! so I thought about it and realised that I hadn't been noticing the smell of my perfume or dinner when I forgot about it and it burnt!

For the next few days I went around sniffing everything and absolutely nothing not even a hint of a smell I went to see my GP and  well basically he doesn't have a clue so has referred me to an ENT and now just to add insult to injury I've lost my sense of taste.

Ok there are many smells and tastes that I don't mind losing but there are so many that I miss!

So what I'm really doing here is asking if anyone has a clue about what might be happening to me?

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