Friday, 12 February 2016

Where did last year go?

Last year feels like it went by in blur of work, life, children, grandchildren and everything else in between!

I say this because I realised that its been a while since not only have I written a post but it's been the same length of time since I read one and what I thought was probably about 8 months has turned out to be more like 18 months since my last post!

How did this happen? how did I get so caught up in things that this amount of time has passed without me realising?

I have often had thoughts (often late at night) cross my mind and I've thought I will write something about that but then morning and again life takes over and here we are 18 months down the line and this is the first thing I'm writing.

So no promises just attempts to share something, anything that I feel like I want to share with world or at least get out of my head.

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