Friday, 7 September 2012

Here I am again, hello

Well, I did it again didn't I ? I apologised, declared my love for my blog then let it fall by the wayside once again, this is the point where I'm pulling a sad pouty face, I'm actually quite disappointed in myself for not managing my time better.

School holidays were mad and hectic and I have completely lost any routine that I had.

But now school holidays are over, I start back at college next week for 2 more years....we have already established I'm insane right?  And on top of that I have the voluntary work I do plus a 4 year old to entertain and take care of and then of course there's the teenagers!

So you see why I struggle with my time management!

But hopefully I will be here more often and maybe I'll even entertain and inform you! Or at least make you feel better about your life's!


  1. Thank goodness! We were about to send out a search party....

    You have it easy. My daughter, a schoolteacher and mother of two boys, recently reported that she has eleven responsibilities at her paid job alone (for example, principal designee, math interventionist, technology representative, budget committee member, lead mentor for new teachers, etc., etc.)....

    1. I salute your daughter, I was a school governor for 4 years and it was only then that I realised the tremendous workload that many teachers have.
      I missed your blog and our little chats so glad to be back!


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