Thursday, 1 September 2011

So life begins!

It's been a week since I last posted anything, I am once again a bad bad blogger and I do hang my head in shame, no really I do! But in my defence it's been a busy busy week!

And let's not forget I celebrated/commiserated my birthday the big one, the one life is said to begin at, the big giant 4 0! Yes thats right I am now officially 40! I know don't look a day over 39, right?

And I celebrated this momentous occasion with the dignity, grace and style befitting a lady of my years......that's right, I got blind stinking drunk!

It was supposed to be just a nice BBQ for family and friends but my family and friends all know me very well and brought copious amounts of alchol it would have been rude not to drink it now wouldn't it!

What I remember of it was fantastic I had 4 cakes! Yes 4, see my family and friends do really know me, cake and wine and a happy me!

Lots of laughs were had, Lots of food was eaten, LOTS of drink was drank and now all we have to see is if life really does begin at 40!

So tell me did yours?

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