Sunday, 1 September 2013


So would you pay for someone to deposit slimy mucus all over your face?

Get your mind out of the gutter, I'm not talking about some weird fetish....although that could be a whole other post!

What I'm talking about is the latest anti-ageing 'beauty' treatment brought to us by those kind people of Japan ( have we not learnt anything from Japanese game shows about their idea of fun!) that involves letting live snails slither their way across your face, apparently their mucus has powerful anti-ageing properties thanks to highly beneficial proteins contained in snail mucus.

But before you all run out to your back gardens and grab the nearest snail, these are no ordinary snails that are used in these delightful sounding facials no these are organically fed snails that once used on a client are are allowed to rest for 4 days, you know to recuperate from the shock of slithering over a humans face!

I think I'd need four days to recover from a snail slithering its way around my face eurgh I'm just shuddering at the thought.

Seriously will we do anything in the name of not growing old and so called beauty? and what's stopping anyone getting snails from their garden and starting up in business... I have tons of them in my garden, anyone fancy a facial?

Or how about a bird poo facial (again from Japan, just saying) or a bull semen facial and hair mask... how and why was this discovered to be beneficial and how do they get the semen ( insert confused and disgusted face here!)

Seriously what would you do in the name of beauty?


  1. If ladies already have fat removed from their behinds and injected into their cheeks, nothing is verboten, although you have described three procedures I'd rather not think about.

    1. lol, I'd forgotten about the whole having fat removed from somewhere to put somewhere else! and I read an article today about women having botox ready to face the other mums on the school run! ridiculous! I'm impressed with myself if I manage to brush my hair before leaving the house!


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